No Fee Unless We Win

Gillman Legal handles all injury cases on a contingent fee (percentage) basis – which means that a fee is never charged unless a recovery is achieved.  Importantly, each case is evaluated to determine what fee will be charged.  Gillman Legal’s fees are often lower than fees charged by other attorneys, which results in clients receiving a higher percentage of their recovery.

Personalized Service and Home Visits

Steve is dedicated personally dedicated to serving his clients.  When an accident leaves its victim without transportation or unable to travel, Steve Gillman will come to your home or provide special arrangements, during and after regular business hours.

What Insurance Companies Do Not Tell You About Your Coverage Selections

Additionally, free consultations are always available to anyone wishing to review their insurance coverage. It is always best to know that you’re protected before an accident occurs.  Insurance coverage selections, particularly on your motor vehicles, can limit your ability to recover for personal injuries. The decision to select full or limited rights and liability limits, as well as other important coverage such as Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist protection is of vital importance. Steve Gillman is well-versed in these issues, and can provide the clear and candid guidance you need to protect yourself and your family.

On special occasions, Gillman Legal will partner with other firms in another state or a firm which handles particular types of cases with special access to experts in the field. When this occurs, with a client’s permission, there is no charge or increase in the fee paid by the client. Gillman Legal participates throughout the relationship to insure client satisfaction.  On these special occasions our clients receive the expertise of two law firms for the price of one.